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After some time, online and offline, you can only go so far with people. Am I wrong to feel this way?

there was this guy I knew for sometime, he constantly complained about his life, said he wanted to see his boyfriend, said he wanted to leave the US cause he wants to live in socialism/communism. He legit thinks that it could work. The kid is 16 and thinks he knows everything. I really hope I wasn't like that when I was 16 but I prolly was too. But that's not the point.

why are children so "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN!" and then turn around and ask for help when they completely fuck up? Like why? I don't get it.

So this kid would come to me on a daily basis complaining about something, something stupid, acting like I was his therapist or some shit. I would do my best in trying to help him out. He would turn around and act like he's this amazing video game player. Like he's better at everything. Seriously? Do you have no life to the point that you have to talk about video games like you're amazing at them?

I invited him to my discord, he was from a reddit Pokemon server I had join. (fuck reddit. what a piece of shit place) Then he invites like 3 other people. 1 trans assburglar who does nothing but trolls, his "boyfriend" and this autistic kid. ALL fucked up and I banned their asses. I had enough of these idiots walking in here. I have an open server, and I'm ok with allowing people but when you start drama, wtf man? Like really?

want me to post my rant I sent to him?


>want me to post my rant I sent to him?

Go ahead.


the important question is, whats your discord


I gave him another chance, I'm too god damn friendly and shit
"If Tarra kicks you, and he doesn't give you another chance, that says something" said a friend.

here's my rant:

You're a communistic dumbass who thinks hes a girl. Not a single person wants to be around you. Everyone in your family complains about you and you can't even leave your house. All your friends are on the internet. You have no intent of leaving your house. You think that you are right on political stances when you're what? 16? OK good for you. You have no idea how the world works. The only thing for someone in life that's good for you is going out in the battle field and purposly getting shot.

You have no real purpose in life cept to run around saying what a special snowflake you are. You have no goals, no aspirations, no nothing. You act like you are better than me and you can say WHATEVER you want. I am VERY tolerate of people. Fucking ask ANY ONE in the chat. I have given a dozen chances to you, List and about 3 other people WAY before you joined my group. And it's not us, it's LITERALLY you starting shit for no god damn reason.

You think any one in my chat wants you around? I've talked to everyone here. They all ask me what the fuck is your problem. They all ask why you can't calm the fuck down. They all ask me why you're fucked up in the head. They all ask me why you think things like communism, socialism is a good idea. Your own "boyfriend" who you will never see, even thinks thinks this. He asked me why you're the way you are.

You're not cute, you're not funny, you're a worthless self entitled brat with internet privs who needs the shit beaten out of him. Which your parents haven't done it enough.

I'm done with you and your ass. After this, I'm blocking you. Don't come looking for me, don't look me up on reddit. I will block you every where I go cause I cannot handle you ANY MORE. My life is sorrounded by internet and it's fucking time for me to find people I can be happy around.

Enjoy your life hige. Cause I know everything I just said means nothing to you. Fix yourself, don't blame your shit on other people.