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Post youtube videos or guides on forums etc to help chubs improve their frag counts

something as simple as learning how to peek has improved my skills tremendously

The video on peeker's advantage:


Some of the information is wrong, but the technique does work due to geometry and reaction times on top of ping.


another way to learn is to watch pro matches and take note of how they play

https://www.twitch.tv/faceittv - the best twitch channel to watch

http://www.csgoleague.com/ check their website for match times


If you're silver, come to IRC and ping Creed to play

I usually play with onx or tee, but never both of them because tee is a bitch


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nigga I never knew you csgo holla man: http://steamcommunity.com/id/aampk

also if you want tips on how to play nearly any position in competitive solo then check out vooCSGO, this motherfucker continues to help me out tremendously and is my main go-to for reference material

voo's beginner guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoB2UyJMjkmUdfV4eP4nYX_ujq_CHpMgq
voo's 'spots to play': https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoB2UyJMjkmWlNOpKTyHDnDOIamgxRZzN

bonus, why you should NEVER open cases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwJAKmjmtrQ

screenshot: highest I've ever scored when warming up on deathmatch, based m4a4



didn't even realise you linked to voo lol, bonus points for you


First of all hardware really matters. This cannot be understated. Do not handicap yourself. I don't even play comp if I'm on WiFi or missing my mouse pad.

You really need to be able to hear clearly which direction footsteps are coming from.
-Wired internet connection.
You will get rid of that packet loss which is pretty huge deal. You will also remove any latency in your network. Ping the router on WiFi and on Ethernet and see the difference.
-Precision mouse and mousepad.
Really important. Anything from steel series is nice. I've got the rival, and I've also used the kinzu.
-Mechanical keyboard.
Less important but its also nice if you have one with macros. A pistol spam macro is pretty useful for tec9.
High refresh rate without too much resolution.
-Graphics card.
Really shouldn't be an issue. This is an old game anything cheap run it fine.


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I'm mainly an AWPer, and half decent with AK. My tips for learning how to use AWP.

Quick-scopes. Probably 80% of my shots are quick-scope. I have bound buttons to make this easier for me.

Mouse wheel up: Switch to Primary.
Mouse wheel down: Switch to Knife.
Q:Switch to pistol.

The quick-scope sequence.
Aim imaginary cross-hair at player. Right click. Left click. Mwheel down. Mwheel up. Repeat on next guy.

Flicking the mouse wheel up and down in between shots becomes pretty addicting.

One way to learn where your cross-hair is to stick a little triangle of paper on your screen and practice while playing death match.



I'll back you up on steelseries, on my second kana v2 (though I'm switching to a razer mamba te when I get my pc upgrade), I use a steelseries apex raw keyboard as well which is a nice budget keyboard that's comfy as fuck and decent response time for a non-mechanical

also, make sure you've got all your graphics on low for maximum fps, 3kliksphillip did a video on how important refresh rate and high framerates are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjWSRTYV8e0


I enjoy AWPing also, been working on aggressive GuardiaN style AWPing which is a bit different to passive AWPing which I see a lot of in comp

my keybinds are pretty vanilla, but I have mwheelup for jump (makes bhopping a hell of a lot easier but has destroyed my mouse wheel over the last few months), and I always make sure I switch to knife with Q-autoswitch. since I'm AWPing aggressively I want to get away as quick as possible and will have a buddy to tag in if I'm chased, so I'll knife out and run, or double tap Q to reset my scope for another shot. I also switched crouch to alt but that's more of a comfort thing than function (works since I don't use my thumb on spacebar to jump), thinking of changing walk to caps lock or tab for even more comfort with equal function


oh and if you're a narcissist like me you should record clips with plays.tv and follow me: http://plays.tv/u/aampk

if anyone is EU or just wants to fuck around in aim maps then add me on steam too (I won't comp outside of EU because ping): http://steamcommunity.com/id/aampk