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1.What's the most fucked up shit you've ever seen on the ineternet, and I don't mean "LOL CP AND RAPE!" I mean things that you saw, that were legal and you're like "the fuck is this?"

2. what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the internet, if this counts as 1 cool, but I'm asking weird not something that makes you shit bricks


furries and bronies those people are fucked



correct answer

also traps. they need psychiatric help rather than a webcam and a paypal account


Cicada 3301


1464851027629.png–(17.79KB, 407x487, 1464570795323.png)





that had me up for days when I first read about it


[NSFW] well it wasn't legal, but Daisy's Destruction was the worst thing I've seen. Someone on /b/ posted a link on the clearnet to it. I remember a green screen, with a shitty background, and a bed in front of it. They put ice on a babies no-no square, and then hung it by its feet and clothes pinned the same place

all you could hear was the childs screams

they were like asian, maybe Taiwanese, or Korean. It was a woman doing it, and she had a mask on

Besides that, this is the most captivating thing I've read


as far as i remember its SFW



dont feel like sourcing to make sure this is all correct, so ill just take your word for it


my neighbor decided to vacuum his driveway. He even waved and said "Hey Neighbor" like it was mid day and he was raking leaves when I came out and asked what the fuck he was doing, it was 3am and he was in a vacuuming mood I guess. Meth, not even once....