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"When they find the body, all of Russia will cry for war."

You may know this quote from one controversial point from a video game. But what's the relevance of this quote?

The one terrorist that was killed by French authorities in Paris had a Syrian passport on his person (the other 7 died by suicide bombing). Now, let me change something.

"When they find his body, all of France will cry for war."

Now, let me quote Francois Hollande: "This is an act of war."

Accomplices to the attacks have been caught and tracked. But how? Let me expand Makarov's quote, then change it to be relevant to the events.

"The American thought he could deceive us. When they find that body, all of Russia will cry for war."

"The Syrian thought he could deceive us. When they find that body, all France will cry for war."

Why did that guy not have a bomb vest? How did French authorities track accomplices with no information and no surviving shooters to interrogate?

Did he leave a trail? Did he survive with more than just his passport? Maybe documents with names, further plans, or locations?

Onto the next quote: "All warfare is based on deception."

Same fictional character, same series, same relevance. People are being further deceived to believe that the Muslim faith as a whole is to blame, and Syrians are being further alienated and persecuted since the events unfolded. We are being tricked into hating Middle Easterns, one country at a time. In the 90s it was Iraqis, 00's it was Afghans and Pakistanis, 10's it is now Syrians, all while we're slowly growing to mistrust Islam and it's followers. We are being deceived.

I'm going to stop there, and I will leave it for you all to discuss. You may think it's a load of shit, or you may think it's spot on, either way I want to hear your thoughts on this.


This was a great read, Chub. Thank you