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Can someone explain to me what is so bad about furries? I can understand bronies. I mean, shit I am both but not the overly autistic type... I love both when I find the right people to be in it with. Hell, we have 4 bronies at FnM and even then we know when to shut the fuck up about ponies cause we know it's awkward as fuck to talk about with other people who don't like ponies. Hell, my main deck I was running for a while was Pinkie sleeves. The down side is those sleeve rip easy. :\

The furries I've met in real life, aren't that bad. they may have a tail on their keychain, they may even have cat or dog ears. Ive walked around the mall with pika ears on my hat. I've tried on my head and it annoys my head too much. The bronies are another story. The bronies I do know like the autistic ones, holy shit fucking no. I am nothing fucking like that. You guys know me now after my main youtube fixing thread. You guys know what I sound and look like, When I get dressed up and shit I know I don't look autistic. Shit I mean I am on a chan after all. I am a little autistic for being here. But at least 1chan isn't retarded as the others.

Have you guys ever met the autistic furries and or bronies off the internet? Cause it seems to stay on the internet most of the time and the autism just sorta makes everyone cringy. Even then, now, I can't stand normal people after being on the internet all the time. It makes me wanna almost puke... I realize what I'm becoming...




mean ;_;


It's delusional. Period. If you've got hands, feet and walk upright, you're not a wolf. No matter how much you identify as a wolf, you will never be one. You're a delusional idiot who's trying too hard to be a special snowflake or make mom and dad angry. Sorry, your dad should've beat you a bit harder or not left you and your mom. If you're doing it for some strange sexual kink, congratulations, you're a degenerate zoophile who wants to fuck animals.

Fifty years ago we would've institutionalized people like this. There's clearly something wrong with them upstairs.


i wouldn't doubt it, so then what would we call people who splice later?I'm waiting for splicing to happen at some point where we see real "anthro wolves" and shit. I mean, who doesn't like to pretend? but for those who know it's not real, thats all i am happy with. its fun to say something you're not sometimes, I mean I like to consider myself a trainer and a duelist, even if it's not real...


I'll assume "trainer" and "duelist" are some weeaboo thing I don't understand. Or you're an amateur fencer or something. That's all fine and well, as it's not some sexual fetish. Good for you. I'm a 15th level lawful evil cleric on weekends.

Regarding "splicing," genetics doesn't work that way. It's a sci-fi pipe dream. We can splice certain genes into DNA, sure, but it's things that let bacteria produce insulin. Adding canine features is probably something that isn't going to happen, at least not for a very very long time. And think about the current ethical debate regarding stem cells. You think people are just going to let that go? We can't even decide what the fuck to do with cells that come from an umbilical cord.


I'm a level 20 assburglar.



Level 7 Nguyen, new character


Trainer - Pokemon
Duelist - Yugioh

>splicing and stem cells
Yeah, I realize that too. I highly doubt any one cares enough to make it happen anytime soon or try hard enough


Explain what, exactly? How autists tell that the others are autists but not them?
Dude, just chill, do your thing and don't care about those fags that use "autism" as a buzzword.
I'm both too and I don't brag at it like a bitch. You should do the same.


most of the time, yeah im there with you man, but when it comes to idiots, you know how they are about the groups. You can't goto fchan without someone screaming"ILLEGAL PORN!" because it was non-furry related... I've never gotten into furry drama but brony drama? That's another story. I've seen autists there blow the fuck up.over trivial shit like"I'm not a girl... why does no one love me. WAH WAH WAH! I wish I were a pony!! Someone love me! Why is everyone ignoring me!" I meant he dumbest fucking shit you could think of that would come from them, I've seen and it makes you wanna kill people...
Maybe I'm just over thinking it.