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hey guys, so i need some help. I've been trying to get my youtube back to what it sorta was. It feels fucking impossible do you guys think it could be because of my name on there? I got by Tyler's Toybox on youtube, a friend of mine said it sounds homoerotic. asked if my page ever gets hit up by gay men. Not in like a year or so. However, I was thinking of making it Tarrabyte which is my main name, and I'm sure a few of you guys already know my work on soundcloud. It's my other option and I feel like Tarrabyte or Tyler's toybox sounds more professional compared to a lot of the youtubers I run into. What do you guys think?

I'm trying to take what advice I can. So... Thoughts?



Deffo go with Tarrabyte. Tyler's Toybox sounds either like a softcore homo porn channel, or a channel where a neckbeard makes in-depth reviews on children's toys. Tarrabyte will be waaaay more fitting, especially since it's your main name anyway.




I have thought about it but my facebook page is stuck with the URL and I actually DO have a tarrabyte page from years ago but it was a completely different page which is sorta dumb... it was my first page and I only have it do to people sometimes coming from the bay to ask me to help on the sims. So I can't really delete the page or change to much on it. so there would be 2 on there. But maybe if I merged them? I dont know. I'll think more on it



Well with your older one, just go through the tedious process of deleting older and irrelevant posts, and make your newer more relevant posts as if you have done all along.


ive not tried to merge since my name change from Toybox to Tarrabyte. Everything but Instagram is now Tarrabyte. so if you googled me, I should pop up. The down side is that the person using her instagram as Tarrabyte actually is a play on words with her real name. I am going to follow her in hopes she lets me name change and explain my reason. she had a kind smile in her picture. so it didn't seem like the "go eat shit smile" who knows. I really hope I can get it. All else fails, I'll pull a deadmau5 and do Tarrabyt3 or something... idk



Kids these days use underscores or full stops in their names so they don't have to compromise the word. E.g. my Instagram, ___koga. Though you probably won't need as many as three, if you pull a .tarrabyte or do what you've done on here and stick a file extension on the end, it should be all good.


not many people get why i do a file ext tbh but it has been a thought



I'm going to assume it's because you're an executable file and not a real person, but an AI.


Megaman NT Warrior!