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What are your thoughts on eugenics?


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If it was encouraged rather than by law I think it'd go down better.

Rather than "those people aren't allowed to breed ever and must be prevented from having offspring", have it as "you'd be better off breeding with these people over those people, but it'd be alot better if you chose these people".


it should be done. but with a carrot not a stick.

>people with the right combination of poor education, poor work record and criminal record or given cash rewards for being sterilised
>mothers declared unfit for extended periods of time lose their welfare until they get their tubes tied
>free genetic testing and more cash rewards for people with fucked genes
>public non profit sperm and egg bank


the bell IQ graph proves that blacks whites and asians are clearly different

If I had to guess, I would say that Africans developed to be stronger, and to be more primal in instinct, given their habitat. When you have an equal chance to live or die any given day, you don't really care about astronomy or math



One thing about eugenics is that if it were in effect, most of us here wouldn't be allowed to reproduce lol.


Pretty cool. If I ever decide by some unfortunate circumstance to have children; the whole process of conception will occur either via a chosen donor or in vitro (I haven't looked deeply into it but you get the idea) with specific heritage, family history etc.

>tfw shit genes


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