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Today I went to a normal Highschool.

I was so amazed. Why? I'm 23 and never been in a real HS...I was in sped my whole life so I have no idea what it's like and I would give anything to go back in time to redo my hs days over again and know what it's like.

My mother and I went to pick of transcript papers for my step brother cause he wants to be home schooled. Why? Because the fatass doesn't know how to make fucking friends. He complained that no one talked to him like they had to talk to him FIRST. I'm not even kidding. He has no friends, he has no life, he doesn't go outside and try to go anywhere. He doesn't ask his dad to take him anywhere. I'm sure if he asked his dad to take him him to the mall he would. He's unpopular, he's fat as hell, he doesn't like to shower, he's what we should be when I know most of us aren't.

I would love to goto highschool, even as a 23 year old. I saw kids with full beards. They would just think I'm 16...

Who ever here went to public school, be happy. I wish I did.


Ahh, high school.

There was a time where I would tell you high school was a drag. I'd tell you that the teachers sucked and all high school girls are about is causing shit with each other and with guys, and blah blah blah. I could name a multitude of shit that is retarded about high school.

But one thing about high school that sticks out in my memory, and at this point is the most important memory that I have of high school....is that I had a place to go (180 days...10 months...5 days a week...8 hours a day...) where my sole purpose of being there was to learn many things a day. Where my purpose was to grow and learn and become a functioning member of society.

Granted, high school didn't prepare me (nor anybody else if you ask me) for the real world. I still don't know how taxes work, or how to balance a check book, or simple shit I should have been taught.

All-in-all, I'm glad I had that 4 years. Not necessarily glad I had that 4 years with 1,200 pieces of shit all around me, but glad nonetheless.


its funny, in my Sped class, they taught us how to do check books.


>i was and and forever will be sped

>i'm jealous of another sped

that's what i read.


I wasn't in normal highschool. that kid told me he was in normal classes, all that he had was ADHD, nothing like me.


you're special in my heart babe




high school is two words