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Who are you voting for next November, fellow American patriots?

Sand Snatch Hillary "Campaigning Since Conception" Clinton?
Mememaster Bernie "Communist" Sanders?
Donald "As Seen on TV" Trump?
Marco "Look Guys! I'm One of You!" Rubio?
Jeb "Submit to the All Powerful Family" Bush?
Scott "Seriously Don't Fucking Vote For Scott Walker" Walker?

I'm all for Sanders right now, largely because everyone else is unbearable



Chief Keef definately


as a wisconsinfag I can tell you the horror stories of scott walker, hopefully he keep running so he can resign from the governors office.

maybe sanders, I give him a 30% chance of getting the nomination. i'm probably going to write in my own name if not


1439863651024.gif–(3.72MB, 581x327, 1426974671213.gif)


people still vote?


i've got some family up there, they were all so appalled when scotty boy won the first time, much less the second

can't see why not. even if rupert murdoch and the illuminati are the ones controlling the elections, voting can't hurt. and since that's not definite, there's no reason not to if the elections really aren't rigged




>memeing smugly




Rand or Rubio. Hillary is a reptile and Sanders is a commie.


really or sarcastically? Trump is IMO the least viable candidate at this time

they're all reptiles but Sanders is a socialist, not a commie


Just picking the lesser of the evils, at least she'll have bill "stinky pinky" Clinton behind her


The lesser of the evils is obviously sanders. because he isn't evil and in his 35+ years of politics having never using a slander ad shows it very well right there.


Socialism is just a less radical and less violent form of communism. The USA needs to fix its nanny-state, and Bernie will only continue to enable that. 50& of all Americans don't pay taxes, and all of Bernies policies requires tax hikes.



Communism was never violent, it was all the dictator's power trips once they were in power. Lenin didn't order a genocide, but Mao and Stalin did. Communism would work if not for the selfish rationality of mankind.


Communism by definition is the forceful removal of property and capital from private entities. The so societies that have implemented communism in the past were brutal with class warfare. Killing people and putting them in prison because you want to forcefully redistribute their wealth is considered violent in my book.