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What other sites do you guys use aside from 1chan? Bonus points for smaller sites. Need some new sites to visit.

I'm a regular on:
4chan (I'd like to completely ditch it, but it's the only site I can refresh and find new content)

Kickass Torrents

In addition to these I spend a lot of time on irc.

Pic unrelated


As far as other chans go, I'm a regular on 4chan (same thoughts as you about it) and an occasional lurker of 7chan and 8chan; I also sometimes check other smaller chans here and there if I'm bored.

As far as other sites, I'm active on MetalStorm and BeerAdvocate.


8chan, lainchan and 4-ch bbs. I mostly lurk on all boards, post sometimes but not often. I kind of joined this board recently to see what it was, seems like an interesting board.


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Here,4chan /b/ and /fa/, Neoseeker (mostly video game forums, smaller than it used to be, still a good community), I poked around gtsplus when I was a bit younger and into Pokémon trading, I used to be very active on Astro Empires (I think I made a thread or two for it last year, and opened an IRC room for us) but my activity dwindled because there wasn't much activity from other 1chan users.

During downtime these days I don't like to mindlessly browse anymore. I'll either play a game or go do a small job I've been meaning to do, fixing all those minor inconveniences and "I should do something about that soon" stuff.




as for as forums, image boards or similar

less regular
>tumblr, got an account recently and its nothing special