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Post Questions Here, stupid or Whatever ?
obv stupid will be ignored unless well worded, and thought out.


I have a girlfriend that is long distance. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her, and I want to be with her, do I move to be with her and give up my job or try to convince her to move here with me?


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Not sure, depends how both people feel about it. I would not make life changes for some maybe type bullshit.


why do I touch myself at night?

>inb4 because you touch yourself at night


Better than a warm glass of milk for falling asleep.


Because you are one sexy motherfucker !


how does this work?


Man, if you only know her through online stuff, then maybe visit for a week or something to see if she's actually for you.
Because that's what humans have done since before the agricultural revolution, why stop now??
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what percentage of sewage is cum




>friend of mine will listen to another friend who he says he "respects" a bit more and I'm ok with that
>tell him the exact words I know his other friend would say to him
>gets mad when I say it but doesn't get mad when the other friend says it
And yes, we all 3 know each other, he's known him longer than me while I feel like I talk to him more. So even if he's known him longer than me say be a 2 years or something, why does he take my advice as me being an asshole but the other is ok? I don't get this.


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Have you ever met her physically? How long have you been together with her? If you have been with her physically, how long were you guys in close proximity?


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obv stupid will be ignored unless well worded, and thought out.


I thought that was a pretty good question actually