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File: 1406765907552.png–(46.60KB, 1426x626, alternate timeline territories.png) Tagged: Art, International, Literature, Social


Story writing fags/creative fags/draw fags get in here.

I was bored, and did this map earlier. I now want to make stories and lore based on it. It's an alternate timeline thing, so alot of events might not necessarily happen (although I'd prefer history changed course at 1900, so there isn't so much to change. Maybe a bit earlier to make more things fit if need-be).

This is technically an open-source lore project. Fill it up with stories, drawings, pretty much anything that can help bring the world alive. So do as you please with it, as long as you aren't a assburglar about it and don't change the map or factions.

This could turn out fucking cool. Get your creative on, chubs.


For anyone confused, basically you can do some of the following:

>Write a story of the conquests each given faction has been on
>Write a story of a soldier in one of the many battles
>Draw up some soldier sketches or technology
>Think up characters such as major world leaders and stuff

I'll have profiles of each faction with their alliances and their motives for tomorrow, but I won't include their leaders or technology. Just their flag, alliances, and a brief profile of what they do/stand for.


I'm in, 1005%. What do you call this universe, bruh?


man im totally in. so we can just like start or



Not thought of a name yet. It's hard to come up with a name for an alternate timeline universe.


You're free to start. Show us what you've got.


1406811995220.png–(5.72KB, 460x310, maltese empire flag.png)


I'm preparing to go on holiday, so I only had time to get one flag done for today. So here's the flag for the Maltese Empire.


1406812024716.png–(1.19KB, 460x310, Flag Template.png)


Here's a template I have for making flags, aswell.


brah do we need national anthems


you could loosely base it on current events
>with mass immigration the nordic nations had no choice but to expand into the unsettled arctic islands
>with mass instability in central america the north american republic annexed mexico for its own safety
>canadia voted to join the united states for better trade (oil sands, american corn etc)
>after the failure of the arab spring much of the middle east either joined the EU or the rouge muslim governments of the maltese client states
>due to its lack of resources japan expanded into south korea and annexed the north



BRB Writing story of civilian POV of North Korea Invasion


1406832868578.png–(465.31KB, 3172x2102, WorldMap1900.png)


We need a master timeline. Start it in 1900, and slowly have the countries sort of mold into they're current factions over time with conflicts and treaties and conquests and such. I think the map needs to look like the one shimazu made by the year 1960, maybe even not %100 until 1980 or 90.

pic is a world political map, circa 1900, this will be the starting point.


btw on this map all the nordic countries are already grouped as the "Scandinavian realm", which is the exact same configuration as the Norse Expansionists.


how do we go about storing all this? google docs/drive is easy to collab on. i can also throw up a site on a free host.


Idea: when we have all the history laid out, everyone gets a faction and we each indepdently developed cities, cultures, laws, systems of government, etc.


No matter how hard I try I find it hard to make any sort of rational outcome as to why you have made those specific superstates, be those geopolitical terms or historical base. For example:
1) Defederalization of North America as well as inclusion of Mexico(outcome of American-Mexican War?)
2) Latin America barring relevance to Soviet Union without USSR existing.
3) Somalian Empire despite the fact that Ethiopia is a much more suitable candidate for a colonial power.
4) United Mongolian Empire.
5) Malta barring any relevance.
6) Logic behind several states being Maltan client states.
And so forth.
Unless you're imagining a completely alternate history with no real historical basis, it would make more sense to base alternate history on alternative historical contexts with strong realistic basis, but that's just my thought, if you disagree then feel free to do whatever you want.



The Soviet Union doesn't have to straight out not-exist. The map I made is dated 2050. The Soviet Union would have to have still been a 'thing' for the South American Soviets to emerge. From heavy influence, Communist paramilitary groups or puppet governments, who knows. It's all a part of the fun.

It is a complete alternate timeline, but it's got to start somewhere to bring less confusion (starting in the 1500s would open up a huge can of worms). Someone said to start it off of the territories of the 1900s, then everything goes it's own way. Remember the Maltese Knights? Fabled to have killed countless soldiers of the Ottoman Empire (If I remember correctly)? Who's to say that a now-extinct empire failed an invasion of Malta through a similar course of events, then through assistance of allies managed to conquer the territories of said extinct empire, and through the resources gained became a world power. I've thought that the client states of the Maltese Empire are used as a buffer between the Independant Afrian States, Somali Empire, and the other south-western factions, and maybe they have an alliance with the Mongolian Empire, of which both wage a war versus the Norse Expansionists of whom are rapidly making ground in America to make up for lost land in Europe.

This is all a part of the fun, my friend.



If it takes off, any of those things would be good. All of this isn't necissarily about relations between factions. It can be about the life of a soldier on the frontline, or a polititian rising in the ranks. I just want this to encompass pretty much everything you can think of, going off of nothing but a map and a few names and expanding from there.


the map you made in op, do you have a blank default? just white with black line denoting countries only.



I can't find the exact same one, but look up 'world map png' on Google images. I was thinking about just colouring the map we've already got grey, but duh there's the text all over it. Someone probably could colour over it if they had the time to sort out the text.


1407020975653.png–(121.78KB, 4500x2234, 3yEEsnO.png)


found one that's close enough


1407066645630.png–(16.26KB, 1427x628, blank map.png)


Found the map I used in the OP. I was getting redirected to google.com.mt rather than .co.uk so all the results were different.


1407095222102.gif–(2.68MB, 300x166, equality.gif)


is this chan dead?


No, The community is quite alive. Thanks for asking. You should watch our TV.


1407955789770.png–(38.46KB, 709x256, MA-01 Thunderbolt MAC Grenade Launcher.png)


Made a design for the first Magnetic Acceleration firearm that saw active combat.

High-power and practical use of Magnetic Acceleration was first mastered by the Maltese, and is the main reason why they managed to expand so well (from an irrelevant island in the Mediterranean to an empire that controls nearly the entirety of Europe, nearly the entirety of the Middle Eastern Peninsula due to client states, and almost a quarter of Africa due to client states).

This is the MA-01 Thunderbolt. A severely accurate grenade launcher that utilized magnetic acceleration. It has a longer effective range, slightly better accuracy and higher velocity shots than most small ballistic rocket launchers and a higher rate of fire thanks to it being magazine fed. It uses specialized rounds that are fired through a barrel lined with 5 layers of graphene on the inside to prevent major internal damage from prolonged usage. This was the first magnetic acceleration firearm to see active service, it replaced 60% of the grenade and rocket launchers used by the Maltese army, and was later moodified with a longer barrel and replaced traditional tank cannons on few lighter tanks for anti-personnel purposes rather than anti-armour.

The MA-01 paved the way tremendously for the Maltese military, and not even 5 years later after alot of improvements and different designs, the Maltese military had replaced 70% of their weaponry with MAC weaponry as more became availible.

It wasn't until 20 years after the MA-01 was created (In the year 2021) that another nation used MAC weaponry in active combat (The client state of Saudi Arabia used a form of MAC rifle in their special forces to successfully push the Somali Empire back into Yemen in the August of 2041).


And it has two stocks. Two of em!



Well, used two stocks to make it, but it's just one stock. Meant to be an extendable recoil stock, so with every shot a pistol looses up in the stock extender and absorbs some of the recoil of the shot. Although there's not a whole lot of recoil.

Really I just used what I could on Pimp my Gun. M249 stock looked most suitable for the rear body of the gun.


1407958724297.png–(23.55KB, 728x259, OhGodNotAgain.png)





MAC Shotty is here. Gonna think of a name and some other shit for it if it's cool with you?




Anyone got anything to add?

I'm thinking up designs for a MAC tank for the Maltese at the moment. Don't have much else, however.


1410651979053.png–(55.99KB, 460x310, pacific islands flag.png)


Rough flag for the Pacific Island Alliance. Need to touch up the logo (dat .jpg) and maybe think about making the colours look nicer at the sides, but here it is for now.


1410652791963.jpg–(50.56KB, 1247x368, MR6 Valiant MAC Rifle.jpg)


Also, the MR6 Valiant plasma rifle I made in another Pimp my Gun thread is now the MR6 Valiant MAC Rifle. Main DMR for the Maltese General Troops (now known as the MGT, why not). Gonna cook up a spec ops version for the yet unnamed Maltese special forces.


Introducing the MR5 Diligence. Shorter barrel, customisable version of it's older DMR brother the MR6 Valiant.

The MR5 Diligence is the mainline rifle used by Maltese special forces, and is also used by a small number of advanced troops throughout the Maltese Client States.

It's most famous use is during the Somali expansion into the Middle East. The MR5s were famously used by Saudi Arabian special forces (numbered at roughly 10,000 at the time, with 7,000 MR5s in their possession), in the August of 2041, to push the Somali Kingdom back into Yemen and contain them until further notice. 9 years have passed with few equipment changes and the Somali Kingdom has tried only once to break further into the Middle East again (July of 2046, known as the Midsummer Conflict), and was met with failiure within 2 weeks.

The yet-simpler version of the MR5 Diligence is the carbine used as the main weapon of the MGT, with at least 83% of the army using them.


1410659011380.png–(41.47KB, 976x317, MR5 Diligence MAC Rifle.png)



Way to forget the image.


1440881715265.png–(58.49KB, 1078x328, O-10 Zeus.png)


Bringing this back since I made something cool with Pimp my Gun lol.

This is the O-10 Zeus.

A unique weapon amongst the world's armies, the Zeus is a weapon deserving of it's own class and designation. Getting it's name from the brain-shatteringly loud noise it makes when it shoots, and the sheer destructive power of it's three specially-made ammunition types, the Zeus is arguably the greatest shock weapon the world has yet seen.

It's most popular feature is it's unique quad .50 Cal cartridge. Programmable via the ballistics computer on the side of the gun, this round of ammunition releases four .50 Cal sub-rounds after a certain distance or amount of time, which then scatter with immensely deadly force. These rounds are known simply as Q-50's, and are incredibly effective at long-distance crowd control, and for dispatching dense groups of enemies, it is also uncommonly used for heavy suppression of multiple enemies. It can also fire a high-explosive round for breaching walls (in buildings and ships alike) at a distance, anti-materiel, and general destruction purposes, and also a less often used heavy armour piercing round used mostly in specific-target assassinations or for sniping at vital points of vehicles that are about to be captured (by either side of the battle).

It is a double-action semi-automatic gun that can hold 10 rounds of ammunition via breach loading under the removable cheekrest. It has a built in ballistics computer (accessible via an extendable panel on the right side) which tracks the last bullet fired, and program's the Q-50 round if there is one in the chamber.

The Zeus is surprisingly light, though not the most comfortable weapon to hold whilst standing. It has an adjustable grip for your firing hand to ensure shooter comfort, and the rear cap of the stock is extendable for further comfort. The bipod is easily removable and adjustable for the most stable firing position you can get. The scope can zoom from x3 to x60, features anti-glare mesh, and offset is auto-adjusted by the ballistics computer.

All-in-all, the Zeus is one of, if not the sole, most fearsome handheld weapons in the world. From it's thunderous gunshot, highly destructive ammunition, and ruthless Mongolian wielders, the Zeus is certainly not something you want to be infront of.


1441426305580.png–(46.08KB, 982x447, KTDS.png)


Meet the knife thrower dick slicer. The only weapon in its class, the KTDS shoots a unique type of ammunition; knives. In addition to shooting knives, the KTDS has 8 knives on the retard holster to guarantee a sliced donger with improper usage, which you'll surely commit, you filthy whore. Unique to Eastern Europe until the late 1970s, the KTDS is the weapon of choice for dumb ass crackers everywhere