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Okay, so if any of you were here around 2 years ago often...you may remember Pretend You're Xyzzy.

For those of you that aren't aware, PYZ is a game that is a mirror of Cards Against Humanity. Well, just like any online game, sometimes you play with a bunch of idiots. But sometimes you get with a group that thinks just the same way you do, and this happens. Love to all, please enjoy because this is both hilarious and true.

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if any one wants here:
why this link?
If any one wants to play, I'll make a game.

these are decks friends and i have made, along with /g/ and /co/


i can add any of them in (not /!/ that's a personal deck)

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Happy new year, assburglars

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File: 1449179015364.jpg–(692.64KB, 2584x1400, lounge.jpg) Tagged: Art, Music, Social

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A lounge, for a dead board.

Post your music, and have a seat.

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this guy lives in the same town as me

bryan silva dat u


cringe worthy



"chatta to da matta,
i spit bars to tell the truth,

obvious lyrical genius, and an inspiration to the youth


Example - Midnight Run (Flux Pavilion Remix)–(YouTube)


bumping this chatta off front page because I keep clicking it


1455236172720.jpg–(13.98KB, 432x432, lyrical genius.jpg)



he spits bars to tell the truth

in his GCSE's he got a double G so you should call him the double OG

chatta to da matta

Here's a picture of him by the way

File: 1443608098843.jpg–(417.91KB, 2048x1536, 9415 041.jpg) Tagged: Random

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Just bored thought id post some random stuff :)

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1455095408332.png–(38.84KB, 989x632, britee.png)



1455095463546.jpg–(973.82KB, 1520x2688, brit.jpg)



1455095579280.jpg–(47.50KB, 422x316, IMG_20160210_083754.jpg)



1455096224970.jpg–(392.85KB, 2048x1536, hatties pic 1310.jpg)


I Love you guys, Hope all is going good :)


1455103843653.gif–(3.91MB, 270x263, hatties pic 1315.gif)


Most of the time I don't honestly get huggles. Unless there is huggles that is too obvious. I see people huggles others on 1chan and other chans and I'm like"why do you huggles someone? What is the initial point? To help them understand? To make them feel a certain way? To see how mad they get?" I really just want to understand it. I feel like if all you do is huggles people than you have a pretty happy life. If you go around being an nice to people all the time, you are pretty cool and should be happy your life.

File: 1453062790718.jpg–(769.36KB, 1920x1080, desktop.jpg) Tagged: Art, Random, Wallpapers

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ITT: Desktops

tidying allowed, make them pretty

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1453693002445.jpg–(379.31KB, 1920x1080, a37d9631bd.jpg)





>nintendo emulators


1454457612772.png–(1.61MB, 1680x1050, Desterp.png)





you did this deliberately


No, that's actually been my desktop for about a month now.

File: 1454823311165.jpg–(11.52KB, 423x222, 12400775_10208614281376571_3379723433456776490_n.j) Tagged: Conspiracy, Paranormal, Stories

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1.What's the most fucked up shit you've ever seen on the ineternet, and I don't mean "LOL CP AND RAPE!" I mean things that you saw, that were legal and you're like "the fuck is this?"

2. what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the internet, if this counts as 1 cool, but I'm asking weird not something that makes you shit bricks


furries and bronies those people are fucked



correct answer

also traps. they need psychiatric help rather than a webcam and a paypal account

File: 1454046699678.png–(1.65MB, 1233x879, Hearthstone Screenshot 01-27-16 14.39.29.png) Tagged: Social

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What do you guys think about addiction?
The domino affect and or the "gateway drug" affect can work on anything. Anything can be a drug if abused. Literally anything. Something poisoning the mind in a way that you become reliant on it. For example, I can't sleep with out music or my ears start to ring, so now, I sleep with psychedelic music playing.

I think it's all how works, 1 think does not mean you're going to be addicted to something. I can smoke weed and be mellow and never give a shit about doing any other drug. It would be nice to get high from time to time, but I can't due to it being illegal. if it were not, do you think it would be ok more by standards? More people are afraid of getting in trouble and knowing what "right and wrong" because of standards put in place by people wanting to control everyone else.

So, looking at 1 thing, then you become interested in it, then the "Gateway drug" concept falls here. Or is it the Domino? Lets say you became addicted to finding lost media, or seeing how many websites on the deep web you can find, how do you think that works out with the 2 affects? Is it an addiction? And can these addictions be broken? Or are they just temporary relevance's from whatever? I think it might work as a "Gateway drug" affect because, over the years, I've played various card games, yugioh, pokemon, magic, bleach, FMA, L5R, Force of will. . . There might of been some others to try out, but never actually got into them. So what do you guys think?



You smoked prior to making this post didn't ya


exploring things that you're interested in =/= addiction

letting your interests run your life would be obsession, but i hate the word "addiction" to describe this

if you're lowkey about your drug use nobody really gives a shit about it socially, it's been that way for a long time with alcohol and smoking and whatnot. unless you're doing really heavy shit that's changing your ability to function, nobody else's standards matter



No (._. )

I thought about that too. I was thinking what is the biggest difference between the 2? Addiction and Obsession? Cause in a matter of speaking, your body or mind becomes addicted to coke or meth or heroin, it's an "addiction"
now, thinking this over, what's the difference to obsession if you need something so bad that isn't technically affecting your health, it's still unhealthy. Like a bad relationship you refuse to get out of cause you like the abuse, but wont admit to it of course.

File: 1453505541901.jpg–(348.31KB, 740x1024, 14416764562671.jpg) Tagged: Random, Men

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I love prostate orgasms.

I can't believe as a relatively straight dude I haven't achieved them earlier. Unlike a penile orgasm the penis remains soft or semi-hard and you can come as many times as you want IN A ROW. You're not susceptible psychologically to the refractory period where it is impossible achieve additional orgasms. I also find it also ramps up sperm production or something because when you're done massaging your prostate you can fap and absolutely cum buckets afterwards.

tip: don't touch the peen

Really good guide I found.

Now if I could just find a big dick shemale to ride.

Has anyone else here experimented with such stimulation?


Thank you for the link to this post. I will be trying this out and I will be able to get back to you after a few days of trying it out.



File: 1453578325809.png–(10.00KB, 300x254, Remix_OS.png) Tagged: Technology

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What do you guys think of remix os?

I can't get this shit to work. About to test out the other version. Says Im suppose to get it to work on the shittiest PCs.

File: 1452584172432.png–(237.73KB, 390x270, Lu3IuhP.png) Tagged: Drugs, Random

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Well boys, its that time again. Crushing dankrupcy. Anyone else dankrupt? Come share your pain with me, and maybe post things related to marijuana.

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And they say there's no such thing as weed addiction or dependancy


I'm addicted to the herbal jew.


shut the fuck up assburglar you don't know anything about anything boi


1452880298324.jpg–(33.05KB, 640x480, _lePzQNK.jpg)


i feel you bro, i've been dry for 2 weeks now


Just picked up some Blue Dream. feels good man

File: 1377277177189.jpg–(11.88KB, 518x324, say_it_icon.jpg) Tagged: 1chan.us, Random

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Shit Sage Says and Shit Noko Says

ITT: post funny shit you catch sage or noko saying in irc chat

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00:07:43< wat> http://www.nndb.com/people/453/000025378/bsaget2-sm.jpg
00:07:43< sage> http://www.nndb.com/people/453/000025378/bsaget2-sm.jpg
00:07:44< noko> http://www.nndb.com/people/453/000025378/bsaget2-sm.jpg
00:07:51< wat> holy shit
00:08:01< spicefiend> not kool sage/noko
00:08:02< sage> shimazu kool aids
00:08:02< noko> make the other day, but exhausted the kool u ok ?
00:08:21-!- mode/#1chan [+o wat] by ChubServ
00:08:21<@wat> they know what the fuck is up with bob saget
00:08:22< sage> bob saget
00:08:23< noko> bob saget
00:08:30<@wat> oh my god this is amazing
00:08:30< spicefiend> oh jesus
00:08:34< spicefiend> i love this
00:08:37<@wat> bob saget
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00:35 < sage> im banning every single black friend




1450937585253.png–(76.34KB, 1149x244, Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 1.12.22 AM.png)


so this just happened.


1453089232273.png–(53.66KB, 1149x197, Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.52.58 PM.png)



File: 1452324712325.jpg–(89.76KB, 1024x768, ugsoldier.jpg) Tagged: Anonymous, Photography, Random

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Okay, so I have seen a lot of pictures of beautiful men who just so happen to be wearing a military uniform with the caption "men in uniform...ugh" or something like that. Talking about how if these men weren't in a military uniform, or any uniform for that matter, they wouldn't be as beautiful.

SO my proposal. Ugly men in uniform. I think this could really be a fun one, guys.

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