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"Hey are you guys hiring?"
"Yeah! Do you need an application?"
"Here. Fill this out and come talk to the manager."
20 minutes later"I filled it out."
"Let me get the manager."

A. "Alright. So you're basically a clean slate I see. OK what are some of your feats?

"Nothing really. I have little to no exp and I need someone to give me a chance."

"If I gave you a job here, could I count on you to be here on time, dressed, cleaned up and ready to go? And you're over 18. That's good."

"Yes sir/ma'am"

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1448542268489.jpg–(672.96KB, 2048x1368, 1405422741108.jpg)


Be savage

"You need me more than I need you. You think someone with experience is gonna come beckoning for your shitty $8 an hour job? You can either wait an eternity for that, or hire me now and within the month I'll have most of the 'experience' y'all are looking for. Like you need much experience to stack shelves and make coffee anyway."

(I don't reccommend this unless you can say it with full confidence and are prepared to get kicked out of the establishment quicker than you can say "here's my resume".)

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I wish it was still 97
Itt: we 90s


1448305147220.jpg–(49.92KB, 477x408, 4f29db3f03b1a02778f4fb5c2731d1c7.jpg)


I had a pair of these probably circa 02 or 03
Plus jnco, so much jnco


1448305566355.jpg–(33.53KB, 600x450, full.jpg)


Not the same pants but similar circa 01ish
>protip, I'm the black one in the middle


Onyx - Slam–(YouTube)


90s were dope

Shame I missed most of it

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whats the point of trolling?

Most of the time I don't honestly get it. Unless there is something that is too obvious. I see people trolling others on 4chan and other chans and I'm like"why do you troll someone? What is the initial point? To help them understand? To make them feel a certain way? To see how mad they get?" I really just want to understand it. I feel like if all you do is troll people than you have a pretty sad life. If you go around being an asshole to people all the time, you are pretty pathetic and should reevaluate your life.

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maybe not but even then, i don't understand why it's constant and why people cont so much when I'm looking for a conversation.

Also, why can't I see names any more?



Because it's the internet, lol. Literally everywhere on the internet is some sort of trolling hotspot, not many places and forums you can go to without them anymore. Anonymity does that sometimes

As for the names, you've got the Anonymous thread tag, so all posts in this thread will be anonymous


bummer sauce.
>tag on
i didn't know that's how that works.


It's not even funny though. It's just a childish waste of time, and is generally extremely transparent anyways...




Some people obsess over Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony in their late 20s aswell

It's all opinion, whether you like it or not doesn't change it

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what do you see?


>Scarab beetle
>the bitch from Hey Arnold in a kinda sinister protrayal
>A different species of Scarab beetle
>no fucking clue what that is
>Malifecent or whatever her name is
>Crow's head, mirrored
>Men sat around a poker table
>A dope spaceship that I'd like to pilot if it were in X3
>No fucking clue what that is
>A face? If I force myself it looks like a face, that's all I got
>A moth, above cartoony silhouettes of soldiers
>Christmas trees bro
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I'm back, by the way. This place ain't dead after all. I guess I'll stick around.


Do you believe it's dead yet?


How about now?


Yeah is ded now


1448302870886.jpg–(103.00KB, 1280x960, maxresdefault.jpg)



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"When they find the body, all of Russia will cry for war."

You may know this quote from one controversial point from a video game. But what's the relevance of this quote?

The one terrorist that was killed by French authorities in Paris had a Syrian passport on his person (the other 7 died by suicide bombing). Now, let me change something.

"When they find his body, all of France will cry for war."

Now, let me quote Francois Hollande: "This is an act of war."

Accomplices to the attacks have been caught and tracked. But how? Let me expand Makarov's quote, then change it to be relevant to the events.

"The American thought he could deceive us. When they find that body, all of Russia will cry for war."

"The Syrian thought he could deceive us. When they find that body, all France will cry for war."
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This was a great read, Chub. Thank you

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happy halloween, i love you 1chan





You don't by chance work at a Fred Meyer, do you?




Ah, someone at my work dressed in the costume on Halloween, is why I asked.

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post your creations


T̳̫̙͓̦ͅh҉̣e̡̤ ̴͉̯̫͚̯La̢͔͖͍̬͈͎s̛̗͔͔t̺̥͇̮̯̻ ̼͓̝̩͕̠H͓̥͢a̪̜l̫̗͡l̀o̜̥w̸̻͓͉͎̯͕e͕͇e͈͚̳̮̭n.avi–(YouTube)


i like this one

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Happy Halloweekend 1chan!
We made a mostly Halloween-themed album!
Check it:


lol I've been waiting for this a long time >>42885 <3



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So in the last few months, after going to the mall, going to normal stores, and doing things IRL, I've come to the conclusion that I hate most if not all normal people. Now, I realize this sounds beta/elitist but after I've learned more from the internet than I have from real life, it makes me... I don't know.

It's like when I see someone where a Batman or Superman shirt. To me that screams"I don't know anything about Justice League or Batman, I can't even name 3 Robins from the comic books. I wear this cause it's cool" and that annoys me. Why? Cause to me, when I see something I like I want to talk about it. I'm a very out going person and when I find any interest in something or someone, I want to talk to them about it.

At the mall, as a few people know, I play magic, but shit, those guys? I've watched how they interact with each other and then with outside people. They hardly talk to people, they never make eye contact, they all act like everyone hates them and when I suggest we do something other than Magic, they act like I insulted their mom or something. Even then, I've suggested we dress up once in a while in a costume and 3 of them are like"No that's dumb. Why would you do that?" Why would you do it at a Con? Because it's fun as shit. Unless you're wearing something tight and you get a boner. Then you hate everything.

I go into the Apple store to talk to the reps and they are normally really helpful and know what they are talking about. Not like your average idiot who "Well this one is good for gaming and this one day music." I once asked a rep what he thinks is the user Error in the place that comes in and he said at least 85%. that should tell you something. Considering that (even tho I don't own anything apple yet) I've heard Apple is pretty simple to use, and not that hard to figure out. But most people that own a Mac/iMac/book whatever apple it is, basically... It's a Facebook machine. Not even taken to it's full potential. A friend of mine can take his pro apart, add more ram, remove the SDD/HDD (idr what's in it) and can put it back together, shit he's even replaced the screen by himself, and he's even had to go into terminal thru it and he says that can be a bitch but it works. And yet, as I said, people use it for and even a normal Windows computer as a Facebook machine...

Aside from that, what really annoys me about today in our age is that we are surrounded by tech, the internet, everything we can use to our advantage and yet, people act like it doesn't exist and are the dumbest mother fuckers around. I mean take for example a mom and her daughter getting a laptop at Best Buy. They are browsing, thinking of what to buy, but not realizing that they could Google this shit and see what they like, and see specifically what she needs. When at most, a Tablet with a keyboard. She doesn't need anything fancy cause most school work like an essay? Can be done on a tablet. Shit, I've typed up full paragraphs on a tablet, shit, I've done it on my wii u (you can plug a keyboard in is why).

Point? Tech is always around us and no one uses it. It annoys me. How hard is it to google something? There's always a dummy guide out there for something. My step brother can't go a day with out playing some PS4 game. Me? I've not played anything online in prolly a week cause my friends are busy. I got other things to do. The most interaction I really do any more is Discord. But anyways, I guess what annoys me is that even tho most people are so reliant on the internet, they don't really know how it works. Don't know how to set settings on facebook or twitter. Or how to set all your emails to goto your phone or tablet. Or know that their 3DS has internet on it and can literally get on google/facebook/twitter. I do all the time on my wii u. Shit, I post screenshots of games a lot of time.

I know I sound mad but I'm more annoyed...What do you guys think?


tl;dr it just means you're a big sperg.


I'm going to hit this paragraph by paragraph here...

One, you have to realize that people can like something without being obsessed by it. I happen to like Star Wars and can talk about it ad nauseum. I've read most of the EU books, played the games, etc. However, if someone else is rocking a Darth Vader tshirt, and he hasn't done all that, I don't particularly care. Not everyone is going to like something to the same level as me. As a rational adult, I get that. No sweat off my ass. Some things become popular, some things don't. Just because some dude doesn't know who all three Robins were, doesn't make him less a fan than you or make you any better.

Regarding your second paragraph. Who. Cares.

Guess what, if everyone knew the ins and outs of every OS and computer system, the apple store dudes wouldn't have a job. Not everyone understands everything. There's probably a ton of shit you don't understand. I'm not gonna give you shit and judge you if you can't explain to me what a Feynman curve is. Big deal. Some people are too busy with shit that matters.

Can you change a tire? Can you disassemble an exhaust manifold? Cars are all around us and it annoys me when people don't know how to use cars even though they're everywhere. Some people have preferences regarding things like that. Not everyone wants to use google. Some people prefer human interaction.

In conclusion:
Welcome to the real world, grasshopper.


>Para 1
im not saying to be obsessed but at least be genuinely knowledgeable behind it. Hell even knowing about the Flash Series is fine by me. The ones that bug me are the ones that saw like a season of of it and haven't watch it since or watch like 5 eps and make every excuse in the book to NOT watch it. The posers more or less.


>if everyone knew an os in and out
Not what I mean. Shit, I don't know how the fuck windows, mac or linux works 90% of the time. The only difference is I can fucking google.

>not wanting to use google
Not what I mean either, not human interaction. When the answer is a google search away compared to actually knowing someone IRL that's going to know the answer. Like you can ask some idiot at Best Buy that knows linux as well as some of the guys here do. There's nothing wrong with not knowing but at the same time at least be willing to look into shit. Why is that complicated to be a little knowledgeable.

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post pics of you.

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1432169190643.jpg–(372.84KB, 712x1222, makeadeal.jpg)



Did tee shave ? ;_;


old pic


1432524725698.jpg–(155.17KB, 1280x800, iliketoparty.JPG)



1446247351942.jpg–(214.04KB, 1125x1500, 9917434659062542749.jpg)


cam whorin n bumpin this old thread.

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