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Sup, niggaz. I couldn't get into the site for the longest time. Redirect loop of doom. But it's all gravy, baby. I'm back in this bitch.


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howdy fellow teenager


1464179196823.jpg–(277.35KB, 1136x811, IamwhatIam.jpg)


I heard you was back in the USA. Welcome back. Just in time to see Trump become President.

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Yo so I smoked some DMT a week ago and it was spooky as fuck. Communication with extradimensional beings and whatnot occurred. I smell the shit and still get nervous, but I'm considering doing some more soon, this time alone instead of with a sober friend. Anyone else have any experience with DMT?


Did you break through? how long did it last? can you greentext the whole trip?

I think @tee has experience with it. I would love to try it but it's impossible to find around here.


I'm honestly not sure what people mean by "breakthrough" but I can give a quick summary

>breath in DMT from ghetto ass 2 liter
>tripsitter takes rig from me because i immediately can't really move
>start counting, get to five before needing to lie down
>first five seconds everything turns to bright colored fractals, almost aztec style patterns, especially my jeans and the couch i was on
>after lying down decide i need to close my eyes, still holding breath and counting
>thick black and white strobing bars passing up and down in vision
>think about color and the bars light up orange and green
>reach thirty in my head and breath out, start breathing really heavily
>feels like i'm pissing myself
>realize how weird my body feels, like I'm evaporating and only one layer of skin is left
>the bars i'm hallucinating start to wrap around into the shape of a head
>breathing heavily the room starts to expand and shrink at the same time (my eyes are still shut)
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Round 2 felt like I was flying. Much chiller this time, smoked about half of what I did last time. Super happy, lots of love, felt invigorated for the rest of the day. Good shit my dudes


i'm planning on ordering some mimosa root bark on ebay and extracting the dmt some time soon, there's a tutorial on psuchonaut wiki about it

File: 1460098929876.jpg–(952.46KB, 2592x1944, daytona 226.jpg) Tagged: Random

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<3 love you guys


1460099072463.jpg–(1.13MB, 2592x1944, daytona 190.jpg)



1460099166341.jpg–(1.39MB, 2592x1944, daytona 232.jpg)



i bet those random writings on the walls are all the nicknames you changed on irc

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Could we have a /pol/ or /new/ or at least /traditional/ board?


I mean you could have just started one now but you made a useless thread about neither.


There is already a politics tag

if you want a traditional tag, that can be arranged

File: 1460982839274.jpg–(230.36KB, 2000x1000, kkk.jpg) Tagged: Random

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my left testicle hurts



File: 1460389387926.jpg–(22.92KB, 527x574, 1460369362734.jpg) Tagged: Conspiracy

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Perhaps I ended up in a messy divorce, who's to know. Either way, I'm not back. I'm just saying hello and I may, or may not be around a bit. Peace my friends.


1460389546784.jpg–(55.91KB, 460x613, gezicht.jpg)


Also, Gez4Prez!

Here's a current picture of me for your archives, enjoy.


What's up, gezicht. Nothing has changed. Shimazu is still a fagoot, Creed is still a assburglar, moshi is still a assburglar, and they are the bad kinds of assburglars like pride parade and pink fuzzy boa.

Tee is also a assburglar but he's more like.........interior design, flip this house kind of assburglar.

And Brite is still "just me :)"


I'm briteâ„¢


"The Cut Ups," (1966) William S. Burroughs–(YouTube)


yes hello


1460860676880.jpg–(55.29KB, 640x480, 87.jpg)


>I'm brite

je suis brite

File: 1457383405101.jpg–(84.65KB, 500x642, tumblr_lrgsqya4yG1qamm7n.jpg) Tagged: Random

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I love Natalie Portman ♥

Anyone else feels the same? What's your celebrity crush?

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1457900114473.jpg–(974.64KB, 2368x3200, 1457897967669.jpg)



1457900224184.jpg–(65.34KB, 770x621, 1457897174181.jpg)



1457900269575.jpg–(304.28KB, 1000x1175, IMG-20151007-WA0048.jpg)



1458097812217.jpg–(109.53KB, 750x937, image.jpeg)


minhee from stellar is my queen

File: 1457812461327.jpg–(3.05MB, 6600x5100, b2w2evtraining.jpg) Tagged: Social, Video games

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do we /pkmn/ here

copped alpha sapphire last week to see what was new in the latest games and it's p.good

holla man if you're playing x/y/or/as


1458097586000.jpg–(233.31KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)


was EV training my perfect IV Ralts and found this


I've had this game a week and I've already finished all the story, got two shinies, a third of the availible legendaries, hatched a perfect IV Ralts, and destroyed the Elite 4 like 5 times

this game is mad

Embed: FIDLAR - Cocaine–(YouTube) Tagged: Random

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Post the last video/picture/anything that made you laugh out loud

File: 1452584172432.png–(237.73KB, 390x270, Lu3IuhP.png) Tagged: Drugs, Random

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Well boys, its that time again. Crushing dankrupcy. Anyone else dankrupt? Come share your pain with me, and maybe post things related to marijuana.

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I'm addicted to the herbal jew.


shut the fuck up assburglar you don't know anything about anything boi


1452880298324.jpg–(33.05KB, 640x480, _lePzQNK.jpg)


i feel you bro, i've been dry for 2 weeks now


Just picked up some Blue Dream. feels good man


1457382911166.jpg–(85.32KB, 1600x900, AjReeFSN2eU7mW9W9JOmJoGt551jflXQY98REBfvDTkJ.jpg)


This is an old pic, but I like it :^)

File: 1449873611223.gif–(409.46KB, 500x375, animierte-smilie-grusskarte_animated-smiley-greeti) Tagged: Anime, Music, Television

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I tried this a year ago, and didn't watch enough shit to really write about

If you've watched something recently, write a review. Use spoiler tags for spoilers or I'll ban you forever.

Read the FAQ if you don't know how to spoiler!

I'll be reviewing Anime and Movies mostly. Maybe some albums too. Feel free to drop a review for any sort of music or film if you want to take the time to write a quality post for one.


there is no story in this movie so no spoilers
>its christmas
>since kirk cameron's saving christmas was the single lowest rated movie in history at one point I just have to watch
>its like a half hour of kirk cameron making up retarded shit about christmas
>after that a slow motion dance sequence pads the running time enough to make it technically a feature length film


Creed bbg pls don't ban me forever


i forgot about this thread

watching Straight Outta Compton tonight

review incoming


Lately I've been watching more shows and less movies.

I just watched Freaks and Geeks, all 18 episodes, and now i feel sad. Why the fuck do they have to cancel good shows like that? Anyway. It's great how this show portrays society and the different groups of kids that were that time. It's pretty damn accurate, and I think anyone can relate to at least one character on the show, I know I did. I saw myself as Nick, played by Jason Segel, the way he smoked weed all the time and the way he acted and felt about Lindsay, and their short-lived relationship was pretty similar to stuff that happened to me in the past, and this blew my mind.

Great show 8/10 would recommend.

File: 1454046699678.png–(1.65MB, 1233x879, Hearthstone Screenshot 01-27-16 14.39.29.png) Tagged: Social

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What do you guys think about addiction?
The domino affect and or the "gateway drug" affect can work on anything. Anything can be a drug if abused. Literally anything. Something poisoning the mind in a way that you become reliant on it. For example, I can't sleep with out music or my ears start to ring, so now, I sleep with psychedelic music playing.

I think it's all how works, 1 think does not mean you're going to be addicted to something. I can smoke weed and be mellow and never give a shit about doing any other drug. It would be nice to get high from time to time, but I can't due to it being illegal. if it were not, do you think it would be ok more by standards? More people are afraid of getting in trouble and knowing what "right and wrong" because of standards put in place by people wanting to control everyone else.

So, looking at 1 thing, then you become interested in it, then the "Gateway drug" concept falls here. Or is it the Domino? Lets say you became addicted to finding lost media, or seeing how many websites on the deep web you can find, how do you think that works out with the 2 affects? Is it an addiction? And can these addictions be broken? Or are they just temporary relevance's from whatever? I think it might work as a "Gateway drug" affect because, over the years, I've played various card games, yugioh, pokemon, magic, bleach, FMA, L5R, Force of will. . . There might of been some others to try out, but never actually got into them. So what do you guys think?



You smoked prior to making this post didn't ya


exploring things that you're interested in =/= addiction

letting your interests run your life would be obsession, but i hate the word "addiction" to describe this

if you're lowkey about your drug use nobody really gives a shit about it socially, it's been that way for a long time with alcohol and smoking and whatnot. unless you're doing really heavy shit that's changing your ability to function, nobody else's standards matter



No (._. )

I thought about that too. I was thinking what is the biggest difference between the 2? Addiction and Obsession? Cause in a matter of speaking, your body or mind becomes addicted to coke or meth or heroin, it's an "addiction"
now, thinking this over, what's the difference to obsession if you need something so bad that isn't technically affecting your health, it's still unhealthy. Like a bad relationship you refuse to get out of cause you like the abuse, but wont admit to it of course.


1457381298942.jpg–(259.22KB, 1000x1000, slide_398816_4914460_free[1].jpg)


Everything you enjoy to a certain level could end up making you develop psychological addiction, but all the withdrawals you get from psychological addiction are emotional, so I guess IMO if you're a less emotional person you're less prone to dependence.
I think the "gateway drug" effect comes to play when we get bored of the things we're addicted to, meaning we don't get the same pleasure we used to doing that certain thing or consuming that certain substance so we move on to different stuff that may make us feel that pleasure again. For example, if you smoke weed occasionally it's exciting and pleasurable every time and helps you escape the routine, but if you smoke it daily it becomes your routine, this is when it starts to get boring. Anyway, I don't want to sound like a queer or nothin' but moderation is key.

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