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File: 1470694095254.jpg–(20.08KB, 321x315, Booty.jpg) Tagged: Furry, Hentai, Pony, Women

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Do they got the booty?
Post me some booty guys
Spread the booty?


I want the booty–(YouTube)



1471734610934.jpg–(63.12KB, 720x960, Cpoga7dUEAAGCZr.jpg)




File: 1467311828780.jpg–(22.43KB, 499x500, 11889622_113082712374891_6367286886812946457_n.jpg) Tagged: 1chan.us

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Hi mates it's been a long time since I've been on 1chanus, what's been happening?

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lmao forgot to unstick again.


It's beautiful but I would like to find a job to pass the time.


never been to New York but it looks beautiful, are there alot of job openings there?


not really, but montreal is 1.5 hrs away, food mecca so I might as well try my luck there.


we know it's you nigga. embrace the nigrish.

File: 1449179015364.jpg–(692.64KB, 2584x1400, lounge.jpg) Tagged: Art, Music, Social

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A lounge, for a dead board.

Post your music, and have a seat.

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The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra–(YouTube)



I wanna be a game music composer.
What do yall think?


I think that's a shitty career path.


1471069952553.jpg–(43.96KB, 550x576, CpnvEhAWEAAMZc4.jpg)




Currently, I don't have the setup to do anything like that. I don't even know who to goto to get noticed anyways. So it's just a fun hobby

File: 1465245971615.png–(40.57KB, 235x236, 1396593442797.png) Tagged: 1chan.us

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When you join the IRC, often no one will be paying attention

For immediate help, you can highlight/ping Creed since I'm a neet with no life and am always here

for technical support, PM tee and wait patiently while he lives his life and neglects your


also like my status for a tbh


>new 1chan users

File: 1467877688912.jpg–(219.37KB, 670x1192, 1467877672330.jpg) Tagged: Art

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post it here, get rated

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nice, what did you use to make them?


CS4. I did them in 2012 lol


you make art now?


1468197010484.png–(562.99KB, 500x500, Untitled-1.png)



1468197027303.png–(297.73KB, 800x1169, dog-in-a-suit.png)


File: 1464237921565.jpg–(1.55MB, 2068x1288, 2721711-tracer_overwatch_009.jpg) Tagged: Video games

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Anyone else play Overwatch? Add me: tee#11851

If you aren't familiar with it, here's a gameplay video: https://youtu.be/kP8PtDxxHpU?t=209

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Maldaris#1948 hmu, I play sometimes.




my brother plays it.
it's the only game he doesn't rage like a fucking psycho at.


wish i could say the same for tee



File: 1467035606831.jpg–(604.77KB, 1920x1080, codeblack.jpg) Tagged: Internet

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would you like to see it and tell me how shit it is?

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reddit functionality without reddit moderation and information tracking. Tons of stuff still left to implement, though.


I think it's pretty good but I have a feeling it won't grow popular


You're probably right. I'll support it and continue to better it, popularity or no.


Yeah totally, that can be fun. I've had an imageboard before, it was a place where only 4 or 5 close friends would visit and post pictures and notes and stuff, it was a fun thing to maintain.


I know an exceptionally little number of people who have any genuine interest in the internet outside of Facebook and imgur. It's.. really quite sad. But agreed on the fun part; creating something is always a good amount of that.

File: 1388702047228.png–(82.58KB, 480x695, tmp_140102_2330012080312726.png) Tagged: Random

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bump because i really really like this image

File: 1464980329820.png–(8.53KB, 174x289, download.png) Tagged: International

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Americans in a nutshell



is that just an old pedobear because if so, i think this pic pretty much sums it up


no you fruit its a new meme you old fuck, get with the times


i'm gonna go with old pedobear



File: 1465331194137.png–(392.75KB, 720x537, vlcsnap-2014-01-28-15h50m21s234.png) Tagged: Random

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After some time, online and offline, you can only go so far with people. Am I wrong to feel this way?

there was this guy I knew for sometime, he constantly complained about his life, said he wanted to see his boyfriend, said he wanted to leave the US cause he wants to live in socialism/communism. He legit thinks that it could work. The kid is 16 and thinks he knows everything. I really hope I wasn't like that when I was 16 but I prolly was too. But that's not the point.

why are children so "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN!" and then turn around and ask for help when they completely fuck up? Like why? I don't get it.

So this kid would come to me on a daily basis complaining about something, something stupid, acting like I was his therapist or some shit. I would do my best in trying to help him out. He would turn around and act like he's this amazing video game player. Like he's better at everything. Seriously? Do you have no life to the point that you have to talk about video games like you're amazing at them?

I invited him to my discord, he was from a reddit Pokemon server I had join. (fuck reddit. what a piece of shit place) Then he invites like 3 other people. 1 trans assburglar who does nothing but trolls, his "boyfriend" and this autistic kid. ALL fucked up and I banned their asses. I had enough of these idiots walking in here. I have an open server, and I'm ok with allowing people but when you start drama, wtf man? Like really?

want me to post my rant I sent to him?


>want me to post my rant I sent to him?

Go ahead.


the important question is, whats your discord


I gave him another chance, I'm too god damn friendly and shit
"If Tarra kicks you, and he doesn't give you another chance, that says something" said a friend.

here's my rant:

You're a communistic dumbass who thinks hes a girl. Not a single person wants to be around you. Everyone in your family complains about you and you can't even leave your house. All your friends are on the internet. You have no intent of leaving your house. You think that you are right on political stances when you're what? 16? OK good for you. You have no idea how the world works. The only thing for someone in life that's good for you is going out in the battle field and purposly getting shot.

You have no real purpose in life cept to run around saying what a special snowflake you are. You have no goals, no aspirations, no nothing. You act like you are better than me and you can say WHATEVER you want. I am VERY tolerate of people. Fucking ask ANY ONE in the chat. I have given a dozen chances to you, List and about 3 other people WAY before you joined my group. And it's not us, it's LITERALLY you starting shit for no god damn reason.

You think any one in my chat wants you around? I've talked to everyone here. They all ask me what the fuck is your problem. They all ask why you can't calm the fuck down. They all ask me why you're fucked up in the head. They all ask me why you think things like communism, socialism is a good idea. Your own "boyfriend" who you will never see, even thinks thinks this. He asked me why you're the way you are.

You're not cute, you're not funny, you're a worthless self entitled brat with internet privs who needs the shit beaten out of him. Which your parents haven't done it enough.

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File: 1454823311165.jpg–(11.52KB, 423x222, 12400775_10208614281376571_3379723433456776490_n.j) Tagged: Conspiracy, Paranormal, Stories

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1.What's the most fucked up shit you've ever seen on the ineternet, and I don't mean "LOL CP AND RAPE!" I mean things that you saw, that were legal and you're like "the fuck is this?"

2. what is the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the internet, if this counts as 1 cool, but I'm asking weird not something that makes you shit bricks

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1464851027629.png–(17.79KB, 407x487, 1464570795323.png)





that had me up for days when I first read about it


[NSFW] well it wasn't legal, but Daisy's Destruction was the worst thing I've seen. Someone on /b/ posted a link on the clearnet to it. I remember a green screen, with a shitty background, and a bed in front of it. They put ice on a babies no-no square, and then hung it by its feet and clothes pinned the same place

all you could hear was the childs screams

they were like asian, maybe Taiwanese, or Korean. It was a woman doing it, and she had a mask on

Besides that, this is the most captivating thing I've read


as far as i remember its SFW



dont feel like sourcing to make sure this is all correct, so ill just take your word for it


my neighbor decided to vacuum his driveway. He even waved and said "Hey Neighbor" like it was mid day and he was raking leaves when I came out and asked what the fuck he was doing, it was 3am and he was in a vacuuming mood I guess. Meth, not even once....

File: 1462654276432.jpg–(252.58KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg) Tagged: Video games

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Post youtube videos or guides on forums etc to help chubs improve their frag counts

something as simple as learning how to peek has improved my skills tremendously

The video on peeker's advantage:


Some of the information is wrong, but the technique does work due to geometry and reaction times on top of ping.

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didn't even realise you linked to voo lol, bonus points for you


First of all hardware really matters. This cannot be understated. Do not handicap yourself. I don't even play comp if I'm on WiFi or missing my mouse pad.

You really need to be able to hear clearly which direction footsteps are coming from.
-Wired internet connection.
You will get rid of that packet loss which is pretty huge deal. You will also remove any latency in your network. Ping the router on WiFi and on Ethernet and see the difference.
-Precision mouse and mousepad.
Really important. Anything from steel series is nice. I've got the rival, and I've also used the kinzu.
-Mechanical keyboard.
Less important but its also nice if you have one with macros. A pistol spam macro is pretty useful for tec9.
High refresh rate without too much resolution.
-Graphics card.
Really shouldn't be an issue. This is an old game anything cheap run it fine.


1462722786608.jpg–(379.75KB, 1920x1080, 730_screenshots_2016-01-09_00001.jpg)


I'm mainly an AWPer, and half decent with AK. My tips for learning how to use AWP.

Quick-scopes. Probably 80% of my shots are quick-scope. I have bound buttons to make this easier for me.

Mouse wheel up: Switch to Primary.
Mouse wheel down: Switch to Knife.
Q:Switch to pistol.

The quick-scope sequence.
Aim imaginary cross-hair at player. Right click. Left click. Mwheel down. Mwheel up. Repeat on next guy.

Flicking the mouse wheel up and down in between shots becomes pretty addicting.

One way to learn where your cross-hair is to stick a little triangle of paper on your screen and practice while playing death match.



I'll back you up on steelseries, on my second kana v2 (though I'm switching to a razer mamba te when I get my pc upgrade), I use a steelseries apex raw keyboard as well which is a nice budget keyboard that's comfy as fuck and decent response time for a non-mechanical

also, make sure you've got all your graphics on low for maximum fps, 3kliksphillip did a video on how important refresh rate and high framerates are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjWSRTYV8e0


I enjoy AWPing also, been working on aggressive GuardiaN style AWPing which is a bit different to passive AWPing which I see a lot of in comp

my keybinds are pretty vanilla, but I have mwheelup for jump (makes bhopping a hell of a lot easier but has destroyed my mouse wheel over the last few months), and I always make sure I switch to knife with Q-autoswitch. since I'm AWPing aggressively I want to get away as quick as possible and will have a buddy to tag in if I'm chased, so I'll knife out and run, or double tap Q to reset my scope for another shot. I also switched crouch to alt but that's more of a comfort thing than function (works since I don't use my thumb on spacebar to jump), thinking of changing walk to caps lock or tab for even more comfort with equal function


oh and if you're a narcissist like me you should record clips with plays.tv and follow me: http://plays.tv/u/aampk

if anyone is EU or just wants to fuck around in aim maps then add me on steam too (I won't comp outside of EU because ping): http://steamcommunity.com/id/aampk

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