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Join the group and play a few matches. It's basically capture the flag but we're all balls and there's spikes everywhere.


Apparently everyone thinks you just click the link to start the game. First join the group and then go to the front page, click "Play now" and pick the server in California.


I played that game before it was cool

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>be me, 19
>visiting family abroad in mother Russia
>staying in rural place with cabin, water, and woods. A lot of family is staying there
>me and my parents are watching the Olympics together
>im horny as sin because I hadn't had the chance to fap in 4 days
>I never got the chance to be alone because there were always people around. Remember I was traveling
>womens beach volley ball comes on. Athletic women bouncing around with a bikini and tight shorts
>I can’t take it anymore. I need to jerk off
>without saying anything go outside and start heading out into the woods alone
>I keep walking and walking because I'm paranoid someone will find me
>after 10 minutes decide I’m in a good place. Proceed to unzip pants
>I started wanking
>I soon relies this isn’t working. I had never fapped standing up and it just wasn’t going smoothly
>look behind me and see some leaves. Decide ill lay on the ground
>do this and it works. I almost immediately cum. It feels so good after not doing it for 4 days
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ITT we post pics of our genitals on stuff. Or stuff in our genitals.

One Rule: No anonymity.

>pic related, my gun is cocked, locked, and loaded.

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thanks spice :^)




We birthed a legend. That's how.


Did you think I was gonna let the thread with >>18000 die? Are you dim?


ebin thread never forget....

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I step out for three years and the fucker disappears. And where's spice at?

Can we get an OG thread going?

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Someone say OG thread? Where's my niggas moshi and shimazu at?


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I'm here and I'm queer, what is up my dude




1481154097411.jpg–(22.43KB, 530x482, 1445178727796.jpg)



>I'm here and I'm queer


1482961382155.jpg–(593.84KB, 1944x1944, ham.jpg)



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poor wat


excuse me



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RIP Noko, he died with my hard drive.


HELLO DAN and i'm so sorry to hear about noko. I will cherish my few memories.

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Guys I'm back and shit...

...party I guess

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1394872340435.jpg–(463.44KB, 1600x1067, Fashion Detective.jpg)


Party food is here


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I took that picture of that cat stuck in the flag. fun fact.


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get out fucking normie

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So here it goes.

Gender identity is a tough issue to talk about, especially to my more liberal friends. I would like to have a discussion and share viewpoints, but I have the inability to get past the first few sentences before I am just bombarded with insults. I don't know why political correctness needs to get in the way of an open sharing of viewpoints. Nothing I say about it is even malicious, not intentionally. Everything I say is with respect. I don't understand. So I thought I'd take to the internet for the discussion. Shall we?

I personally look at gender identity issues as more of a mental health subject than a subject of sexuality. What solidifies this in me is that it is made SO clear how different sexuality and gender are. I think because of that they should not be grouped together.
I believe, if being trans is indeed mental illness, it would make for better access to care. I'm not talking about conversion therapy, fuck that. I'm talking about how much easier it would be to get hooked up with a doctor that can help you get on hormone therapy, or get hooked up with a therapist because a lot of the trans people I know are sad anyway. Possibly having to do with trans related issues, maybe not. I can't be sure. But someone could be, and we could work on improving the mental health and wellness of this group while also working to destigmatize. Mental illness isn't chosen and nobody argues that. Thoughts?


Transgenderism is a legit condition SOMETIMES.

In utero, all fetuses start out female. This is why men have nipples. During development, it requires certain hormones at certain times in certain amounts to alter the female fetus' body into a male.

When this happens, the ovaries descend into the labia, which then seals itself and this becomes the scrotum. The urethra migrates upward and grows through the clitoris, which then enlarges into a penis. The nipples stay, but the mammary tissue remains undeveloped. Now, while all these physical changes happen, mental changes happen too. As the body is reconfigured into a male body, the brain is configured into a male brain as well.

Now, remember those hormones that require certain amounts at certain times? Fuck any one of those variables up and all kinds of things happen. Get enough to make the physical body male, but not enough to completely rewire the brain? Congrats, you're gay. Get enough to wire certain parts of the brain male but the body is still female? Congrats, you're a lesbian. Now... what happens when the brain is wired completely male but the body hasn't changed from it's initial female state? Congrats. You're a F to M transgender. Do it the other way, and you get an M to F.

So, is it a mental illness? Yes and no. Yes in that the brain is not working as it should with the body it has. No, in that there is nothing "wrong" with the brain, it's just trapped with the wrong hardware. This is, of course with legitimate cases. Not in some asshole with a tumblr who is trying to get idiots to pay his gofundme.


I think this is a well thought out reply and for that I thank you. I can always count on you to be an intellectual.

So basically what happens when I have this conversation I have found that I become a "bigot" and "transphobic trash" when really I'm just trying to get a better understanding. My brain fills in the blanks on its own where questions lay unanswered. It has been brought up to me that my use of the word "treatment" has been a trigger of a sort for some of my more....sensitive acquaintances.

Yet, in reality, I am looking toward therapy that would actually make some change. Let's try to work on striking some of the fear and shame out of it. Let's try to educate these people as to what is going on inside of them so they can be more active in said treatment. These are big things. I think It would really help with the stigma of trans...nobody is going to kick a kid in a wheelchair off of the handicap ramp.

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Sorry about not responding to the requests on my past draw threads, I'm just too lazy. Anyway, I'm bored as shit right now so I guess I'll be taking new drawing requests.


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1457622191170.jpg–(28.92KB, 480x640, ArNiyuGh0MPcDtm2QyaPZZcqJV_SnjoJWc2kUbyu5Sk9.jpg)






i think its very good :3


ddaaaaaammmmnnn moshi. back at it again with the huge dicks



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This video makes me disgusted to be on the same planet with muslims

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OP uses the implication that all muslims are predominately horrible people, and one can assume that they assume muslims are the lead cause of some of the worlds problems. but I've found that muslim families have much more open-hearted tendencies than some conservative christian/jew/atheist households I've come across

I'm speaking from my own experience, of course, so the bias is there plain as day. and I compare to the 'average british' household which seems to have slightly xenophobic tendencies and a general mistrust of strangers

I can see where he's coming from though, but I think a more accurate thing to say would be "disgusted to be on the same planet as savages". savagery knows no boundaries, and people have ruthlessly murdered, raped, and tortured eachother since before they even had words for it. it's just not something the current developed world is used to. it is unusual to us, and this time around everyone has a camera phone, so of course we're going to see more and more of it compared to past conflicts. but just because we see more of it, doesn't mean it happens any more or less than other acts of savagery that have happened in the past, and I'm sure there's a vast number of past generals and commanders who are laughing at these savages saying "you call that an execution?" (vlad the impaler comes to mind, as well as WWII japanese generals/commanders)

any time pre-1945 then the same savage acts wouldn't really be news, and in most cases wouldn't be committed by muslims outside of the times when christians were doing the exact same thing (you know, when you had to put thousands of your enemies heads on the end of a spear to get your name known, not just doing run-of-the-mill executions and the occaisional GBH)

there's a point in there somewhere, maybe a few, but my though process is too messy to find them. interpret what I said however you want, I'm just one guy on the internet who tries his best to think as rationally as possible

and I'd like to point out my previous comment was pretty hypocritical sounding and not supposed to be taken 100% seriously, maybe about 74%


being mudlisme isn't thinking rationally


>OP uses the implication that all muslims are predominately horrible people
Of course I don't mean all of them, but the vast majority are

>I'm speaking from my own experience
oh so I'm the one cherry picking?

Look, Islam is a religion that teaches hatred and fear, their holy book the Qur'an does this (and not one single word has changed since day one) there are parts where it says you have to attack the non-believers attack the "whores" and such things. You can google everything I'm not making anything up. I myself come from a country where the population is 90% muslim so I encounter these people every day. Even the head of a Mosque (Imam) preaches hatred, They teach people how to hate on non-believers, christians, jews and any one who isn't muslim. Imams are so praised in the muslim community, often times people go to an Imam first before considering going to a doctor so they can "pray their illnesses away". Man, just reading the holy book and the sharia law you see that this is a religion that promotes hatred, fear and even savagery, and it just prevents people from thriving intellectually (Imams literally tell people that they're allowed to only read the Qur'an and no book else).
Now tell me how can such a religion produce nice people.

>when christians were doing the exact same thing
yeah but christians have managed to pass those things and not do them anymore, while muslim executions existed since the beginning of the religion and still continues to this day, these people just can't evolve mentally

Again, I'm not saying all of them are like this, because there are people who identify themselves as muslim but don't exactly follow the rules and practice the religion itself. But the ones that actually do are likely to be bad human beings.


1477308076077.jpg–(547.17KB, 1000x587, 1477307463418.jpg)


embedding isn't working so i'm just gonna put this link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AkAGc5nOXw it's relevant to the topic


I posted that comment a while a go and I should let you know that I've stopped giving a shit about racial/political/any kind of current event discussion. they're impossible to win, both sides are biased to everliving fuck, nothing positive comes out of them

I commend you for replying coherently tho, most people would just call me a fag and not even read my comment because it was in opposition to theirs lol

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