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Do you guys think we are born with a fetish for certain things? Like some people like feet, some are into scat and piss and vomit, some are into dead bodies and some are into zoophilia and some are pedos.

What about sexuality? Do you think everyone is already attracted to a certain sex or both?


Honestly, it's a bit of both. Both biology and psychology have a lot to do with sexual preferences.

For example, we know now that homosexuality has very little to do with environment. All fetuses start out female and require certain hormones during prenatal development to further develop into a male. When the fetus receives the proper amount of hormones whilst developing, the ovaries descend into the labia majora, which then fuse together to form testes and the fetus develops into a male. This is also why men have secondary sex characteristics like nipples. Certain developmental hormones are also needed to wire the female brain into a male brain (males and Females are biologically different, as are their brains, suck it SJWs). However, some things can impede this hormonal dosage, so you get what is a male body with a female wired brain, which results in homosexuality and attraction to the same sex. Various levels of developmental hormones introduced too late or in insufficient quantities can result in homosexuality, transgenderism and everything in between.

In regards to certain fetishes, I'd say that having an attraction to feet, for example, is more psychological than physiological, however we can safely assume that people who are gay were in all likelihood born that way.

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ITT: Post fond memories you have of this place and funny shit that was forgotten in time

heres mine >>24477
straybullets fine ass wife

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I did that too


when moshi actually DID his draw threads


He's back! >>42509


1444820334004.jpg–(448.00KB, 2048x1536, oldpics 373.jpg)


Am I an "oldfag" yet ?


1446077357428.jpg–(21.72KB, 466x262, brite.jpg)



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Why is this place so very lonely? I feel like there is a good community but then no one says a damn thing. Where are you all?

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Please please kill yourself


nobody wants to contribute. i imagine people just have forgotten mostly it exists...much like myself. i get busy and forget about things like the internet. but i still love my chubs.


What is a chub?




1444819209062.jpg–(808.74KB, 2048x1536, 9415 026.jpg)


I kept getting BS bans and reported by the mods. even had a 20 yr ban at one time. I feel your pain OP :(


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What are your thoughts on eugenics?

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it should be done. but with a carrot not a stick.

>people with the right combination of poor education, poor work record and criminal record or given cash rewards for being sterilised
>mothers declared unfit for extended periods of time lose their welfare until they get their tubes tied
>free genetic testing and more cash rewards for people with fucked genes
>public non profit sperm and egg bank


the bell IQ graph proves that blacks whites and asians are clearly different

If I had to guess, I would say that Africans developed to be stronger, and to be more primal in instinct, given their habitat. When you have an equal chance to live or die any given day, you don't really care about astronomy or math



One thing about eugenics is that if it were in effect, most of us here wouldn't be allowed to reproduce lol.


Pretty cool. If I ever decide by some unfortunate circumstance to have children; the whole process of conception will occur either via a chosen donor or in vitro (I haven't looked deeply into it but you get the idea) with specific heritage, family history etc.

>tfw shit genes


1444818475742.jpg–(34.03KB, 600x741, ilovemesometesla.jpg)


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hey guys, so i need some help. I've been trying to get my youtube back to what it sorta was. It feels fucking impossible do you guys think it could be because of my name on there? I got by Tyler's Toybox on youtube, a friend of mine said it sounds homoerotic. asked if my page ever gets hit up by gay men. Not in like a year or so. However, I was thinking of making it Tarrabyte which is my main name, and I'm sure a few of you guys already know my work on soundcloud. It's my other option and I feel like Tarrabyte or Tyler's toybox sounds more professional compared to a lot of the youtubers I run into. What do you guys think?

I'm trying to take what advice I can. So... Thoughts?

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ive not tried to merge since my name change from Toybox to Tarrabyte. Everything but Instagram is now Tarrabyte. so if you googled me, I should pop up. The down side is that the person using her instagram as Tarrabyte actually is a play on words with her real name. I am going to follow her in hopes she lets me name change and explain my reason. she had a kind smile in her picture. so it didn't seem like the "go eat shit smile" who knows. I really hope I can get it. All else fails, I'll pull a deadmau5 and do Tarrabyt3 or something... idk



Kids these days use underscores or full stops in their names so they don't have to compromise the word. E.g. my Instagram, ___koga. Though you probably won't need as many as three, if you pull a .tarrabyte or do what you've done on here and stick a file extension on the end, it should be all good.


not many people get why i do a file ext tbh but it has been a thought



I'm going to assume it's because you're an executable file and not a real person, but an AI.


Megaman NT Warrior!

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Who are you voting for next November, fellow American patriots?

Sand Snatch Hillary "Campaigning Since Conception" Clinton?
Mememaster Bernie "Communist" Sanders?
Donald "As Seen on TV" Trump?
Marco "Look Guys! I'm One of You!" Rubio?
Jeb "Submit to the All Powerful Family" Bush?
Scott "Seriously Don't Fucking Vote For Scott Walker" Walker?

I'm all for Sanders right now, largely because everyone else is unbearable

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Just picking the lesser of the evils, at least she'll have bill "stinky pinky" Clinton behind her


The lesser of the evils is obviously sanders. because he isn't evil and in his 35+ years of politics having never using a slander ad shows it very well right there.


Socialism is just a less radical and less violent form of communism. The USA needs to fix its nanny-state, and Bernie will only continue to enable that. 50& of all Americans don't pay taxes, and all of Bernies policies requires tax hikes.



Communism was never violent, it was all the dictator's power trips once they were in power. Lenin didn't order a genocide, but Mao and Stalin did. Communism would work if not for the selfish rationality of mankind.


Communism by definition is the forceful removal of property and capital from private entities. The so societies that have implemented communism in the past were brutal with class warfare. Killing people and putting them in prison because you want to forcefully redistribute their wealth is considered violent in my book.

File: 1444056477372.png–(768.40KB, 640x1136, image.png) Tagged: News

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I'm back baby


Who the fuck are you, and where the fuck is @tee


We killed him and ate him to absorb his power.


1444422731703.jpg–(37.90KB, 479x569, 1438271246493.jpg)




1444548754585.gif–(1.94MB, 300x399, 1443916179433.gif)



File: 1444107383355.jpg–(36.25KB, 600x671, pokemon_pumpkins_04.jpg) Tagged: Art, Music, Paranormal

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Hey guys. I't been a while since I was here last. Thought I'd drop by da club here and see whats up?

What do you guys got plannedid for Halloween?

Is this spooky enough?


While I was gone, I made a new genre, completely on accident. "Terror House" I fucking love this shit.


i ordered a guy fawks mask online



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>>43000 get


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1444223604285.jpg–(44.96KB, 579x462, LOVEME.jpg)





What's your steam tho I'll add you





Added you fam, my screen name is Koga, or a variation of Koga



File: 1442501994883.png–(166.76KB, 1366x768, sc.png) Tagged: Technology

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I've joined the dark force once again and this time I'm staying, it's noticeably faster than windows and I don't think it's placebo, is it because of the 2gb swap partition I made?

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1443765997833.png–(110.15KB, 739x497, 11866282_570555566416552_629557065258506442_n.png)


win 7 master race


1443999397033.png–(2.41MB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2015-10-05 00:55:24.png)


Guys... I-I fucked up...


on my Netbook, I have Macbuntu. It's Ubuntu with a mac feel on it. Runs good and so far, I'm happy with it. I suggest it to any one that is looking for something they want to fuck around with, or a netbook. Netbooks were never meant to windows


1444223289685.jpg–(278.24KB, 1920x1080, top.jpg)



Second that


you fegs can at least use windows 10

File: 1442037264716.jpg–(25.41KB, 600x600, Dark-Background1.jpg) Tagged: 1chan.us

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Happy birthday Creed you ebola infested shitty house music making semi political yet not having a job to even be a functional member of society /pol/ loving double '38 Beetle
I remembered we share a birthday :)



Belated Happy Birthday Ether!




That was a very specific description. And also accurate.


1443324064363.jpg–(23.00KB, 210x280, IMG_0640.jpg)


Happy b day old friend.

File: 1442186193566.png–(236.51KB, 1200x536, 2015-09-08-075713.normal.nohud.png) Tagged: Video games

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Hey you chubby bastards why aren't you playing Rust yet? You get to literally run around and rock out with you cock out. Rust is an early access survival game that is largely PvP based. You gather resources to build a base and raid other players bases. The raiding mechanic allows you to crush you enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their woman. This is now the Rust general thread.

IF any of you are interested I run a lightly modded vanilla+ server located here: use the connect command in the command line (F1) to join.


1442186222855.jpg–(179.51KB, 1920x1080, Screenie 1.jpg)



1442186683321.jpg–(195.65KB, 1920x1080, 2015-05-02_00003.jpg)


Buddy standing over soon to be dead men.


1442246838875.jpg–(9.40KB, 275x201, moses.jpg)


Because I can't afford it and the few friends I know that have played it have said the griefers are worse than 12 year olds on Minecraft, so I'm kinda skeptical about it. It does look fun though, I'll probably get it during the Steam Christmas Sale or whatever.


When they talk about grieffers they could also mean the raiding which can get pretty rough most often you lose everything and just have to pick your self up and start again. Grieffing is pretty minimal IMO, maybe I've just been lucky. If you do get it don't waste your time on the official servers they typically aren't admined and are lousy with hackers. Community is the way to go if you are looking for slower game-play but Modded is faster or straight up FFA death matches.

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